To use the platform YoupiLab IoT, you must create an account with your email address.

Once on YoupiLab IoT :

  1. Connect yourself to the board If you are already registered

  2. To register enter a valid email address, your name, phone number and password. Accept the terms of use and validate; You will then be redirected to your dashboard

In the navigation bar on the left, you have the different tabs onglets du dashboard:

  1. Dashboard

    • Home: Presents statistics (data) related to your account such as the number of thing, parameters and graphs configured or the number of remote controls added
    • Things: Allows you to create and configure your thing. You can see the data sent to the platform and even delete the thing
    • Remote controls: With this option you can order directly from the platform an action: ON/OFF to be executed by one of your equipment via a switch.
    • Triggers: As its name suggests, you can currently (alert) send an email message (to a valid address of your choice) depending on the values of your thing
    • Projects: You can define a project for each piece of thing and publish it.
  2. My account

    • Profil: Here you change your account information like your account first and last name, phone number or update your subscription plan
    • Settings: Updating your subscription plan
  3. Resources

    • Coupons: Here you can view the coupons you have received.
    • Documentation: Redirects you to the documentation page
    • Store: You are accessing our online store for the sale of electronic components