An IoT platform for everyone

We provide cloud-hosted services that allow you to monitor and control your remote things.

Build objects

IoT starts with your objects. Build your objects, from adding sensors to creating smart things, to creating your IoT solution.

Control your objects

Deploy IoT solutions that control, monitor, and manage your objects to collect real-time data.

Analyze the data

Take the data you collect and apply predictive analytics to discover new commercially exploitable information.

Usages of IoT



Health organizations are using the IoT to achieve better health outcomes. Among the use cases in this area, we can cite :
  • Continuous patient monitoring;
  • Clinical Analytics.
Monitor the elderly, patients in coma and monitor their recovery through the data collected by the sensors. Real-time receive temperature and other parameters of pharmaceutical products through sensors to keep products in normal condition.


The IoT provides many advantages for the energy sector: measuring energy consumption, controlling installations, or even performing remote maintenance.
  • Measure and visualize energy consumption;
  • Manage the facilities;
  • Provide remote maintenance.
Controlling energy consumption is a major challenge for both professionals and individuals. In homes and businesses, this consumption is often too high, for the simple reason that it is not managed. With Youpilab Iot you can reduce electricity consumption without having to negatively affect user comfort thanks to remote control of installations.


Technologies and the IoT have the potential to transform agriculture in many ways. The IoT can improve agriculture in several ways.
  • Monitoring of climate conditions :use smart sensors to collect various data from the environment and send it to the cloud or have real-time monitoring
  • Greenhouse Automation :get accurate information about the conditions of your greenhouses, lighting, temperature, soil condition or even humidity
  • Crop management :receive information about your culture environment in order to manage it well


All business sectors are migrating to technological innovations for better productivity and management. Agriculture and artisanal fishing present certain problems to which our platform and connected objects provide solutions
In this sector, IoT innovations make it easier to track fishing gear, and GSM-connected fishing gear is easier to find and retrieve. Anglers go straight to where they are, saving time, spending less fuel and minimizing risk.


In this sector, it is mainly about control. Thanks to connected position sensors, you can follow the movement of your animals inside and outside your premises. You can capture the position of your pets in real time.
For all other types of farming, the IoT provides a solution. For example, for fish farming, thanks to connected sensors, you can remotely control the pH of the water, its oxygenation rate and its temperature.

Home automation

In the areas of home automation, the advantages that our platform brings are enormous. Indeed, ensuring better security in your home, saving you energy and improving your comfort, while saving you time are the main advantages we bring you. Thanks to connected sensors and equipment, you can program:
  • Security : You are then alerted to the slightest anomaly and can react quickly;
  • Communication : You can turn on the TV remotely, play music or receive scheduled notifications on the status of your equipment;
  • Energy management in the home : With this solution, you can program the switching on and off of equipment to better save energy.

Why choose YoupiLab IoT?


No need to be a super geek to add your own things and manage them.


From sensor data to user actions, you can decide what you want to see and what to do with it.


Define the actions that your things will perform. We guarantee total security and confidentiality when sending or receiving data.


No hardware or libraries dependencies, low-cost of subscriptions plans and many other advantages.

What do we offer you ?

You can create objects containing parameters varied enough to store and visualize online all types of desired data.

Create and customize as many keys as you want to control all your connected objects on our platform, regardless of your geographical location.

Through this feature, you can generate graphs that will allow you to proactively use the data received on your connected objects to implement effective decision-making processes.

You wish to be informed by email, to have a url executed, to trigger a key as soon as one of your parameters changes value? This feature of YoupiLab IoT allows you to do so.

Use the terminal integrated in our platform to quickly execute commands. Do not hesitate to consult our documentation in order to have more information on its operation.

Many other features are available to give you a better experience. In order to connect to your various equipments, various APIs are available and well described. Consult the following link to access our documentation.